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Analysis Id 167257
API (Web) Id 225071
Submission time 25.08.2019 18:16:27
Analysis start and end time 25.08.2019 18:16:28 / 25.08.2019 18:20:32
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MD5 0f951897a7e15d0fb59a869fa8b4ef68
SHA1 f902904df120ab1f53979a56a68f2b2c7ac3ee2e
SHA256 92eba8af5ad7b0f6564c1b56b7cc23cbe0011eeeca348df5b46d47324f3a9938

System: Ubuntu Linux 16.04 x64 (Kernel 4.4.0-116, Firefox 59.0, Document Viewer 3.18.2, LibreOffice, OpenJDK 1.8.0_171), Score: 2

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