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Analysis Report RFQ.exe


General Information

Sample Name:RFQ.exe
Analysis ID:271589

Most interesting Screenshot:


Range:0 - 100


Potential malicious icon found
Yara detected GuLoader
Tries to detect virtualization through RDTSC time measurements
Yara detected VB6 Downloader Generic
Abnormal high CPU Usage
Contains functionality for execution timing, often used to detect debuggers
Contains functionality to read the PEB
PE file contains strange resources
Sample file is different than original file name gathered from version info
Uses code obfuscation techniques (call, push, ret)



  • System is w10x64
  • RFQ.exe (PID: 7092 cmdline: 'C:\Users\user\Desktop\RFQ.exe' MD5: 90893D36822EF4363A2B2221D2754D7D)
  • cleanup

Malware Configuration

No configs have been found

Yara Overview

Memory Dumps

Process Memory Space: RFQ.exe PID: 7092JoeSecurity_VB6DownloaderGenericYara detected VB6 Downloader GenericJoe Security
    Process Memory Space: RFQ.exe PID: 7092JoeSecurity_GuLoaderYara detected GuLoaderJoe Security

      Sigma Overview

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      Signature Overview

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      System Summary:

      Potential malicious icon foundShow sources
      Source: initial sampleIcon embedded in PE file: bad icon match: 20047c7c70f0e004
      Source: C:\Users\user\Desktop\RFQ.exeProcess Stats: CPU usage > 98%
      Source: RFQ.exeStatic PE information: Resource name: RT_ICON type: GLS_BINARY_LSB_FIRST
      Source: RFQ.exe, 00000000.00000000.1278292895.000000000040E000.00000002.00020000.sdmpBinary or memory string: OriginalFilenamemsedge_proxy.exe vs RFQ.exe
      Source: RFQ.exeBinary or memory string: OriginalFilenamemsedge_proxy.exe vs RFQ.exe
      Source: classification engineClassification label: mal64.rans.troj.evad.winEXE@1/0@0/0
      Source: RFQ.exeStatic PE information: Section: .text IMAGE_SCN_MEM_EXECUTE, IMAGE_SCN_CNT_CODE, IMAGE_SCN_MEM_READ
      Source: C:\Users\user\Desktop\RFQ.exeSection loaded: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\msvbvm60.dllJump to behavior
      Source: C:\Users\user\Desktop\RFQ.exeKey opened: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Safer\CodeIdentifiersJump to behavior

      Data Obfuscation:

      Yara detected GuLoaderShow sources
      Source: Yara matchFile source: Process Memory Space: RFQ.exe PID: 7092, type: MEMORY
      Yara detected VB6 Downloader GenericShow sources
      Source: Yara matchFile source: Process Memory Space: RFQ.exe PID: 7092, type: MEMORY
      Source: C:\Users\user\Desktop\RFQ.exeCode function: 0_2_0040A484 push 00401156h; ret 0_2_0040AA7F
      Source: C:\Users\user\Desktop\RFQ.exeCode function: 0_2_00403D24 push es; retf 0_2_00403D25
      Source: C:\Users\user\Desktop\RFQ.exeCode function: 0_2_00401DBD push cs; retf 0_2_00401DD5
      Source: C:\Users\user\Desktop\RFQ.exeCode function: 0_2_00402E64 push cs; retf 0_2_00402E65
      Source: C:\Users\user\Desktop\RFQ.exeCode function: 0_2_0040260C push es; retf 0_2_0040260D
      Source: C:\Users\user\Desktop\RFQ.exeCode function: 0_2_00404AC4 push esi; retf 0_2_00404AD9
      Source: C:\Users\user\Desktop\RFQ.exeCode function: 0_2_0040AAD0 push 00401156h; ret 0_2_0040AAE3
      Source: C:\Users\user\Desktop\RFQ.exeCode function: 0_2_0040AAE4 push 00401156h; ret 0_2_0040AAF7
      Source: C:\Users\user\Desktop\RFQ.exeCode function: 0_2_00405EE6 push es; retf 0_2_00405EED
      Source: C:\Users\user\Desktop\RFQ.exeCode function: 0_2_0040AAF8 push 00401156h; ret 0_2_0040AB0B
      Source: C:\Users\user\Desktop\RFQ.exeCode function: 0_2_0040AA80 push 00401156h; ret 0_2_0040AA93
      Source: C:\Users\user\Desktop\RFQ.exeCode function: 0_2_00402281 push cs; retf 0_2_00402291
      Source: C:\Users\user\Desktop\RFQ.exeCode function: 0_2_0040668B push cs; iretd 0_2_004066A5
      Source: C:\Users\user\Desktop\RFQ.exeCode function: 0_2_0040AA94 push 00401156h; ret 0_2_0040AAA7
      Source: C:\Users\user\Desktop\RFQ.exeCode function: 0_2_00404AA8 push esi; retf 0_2_00404AD9
      Source: C:\Users\user\Desktop\RFQ.exeCode function: 0_2_0040AAA8 push 00401156h; ret 0_2_0040AABB
      Source: C:\Users\user\Desktop\RFQ.exeCode function: 0_2_0040AABC push 00401156h; ret 0_2_0040AACF
      Source: C:\Users\user\Desktop\RFQ.exeProcess information set: NOOPENFILEERRORBOXJump to behavior

      Malware Analysis System Evasion:

      Tries to detect virtualization through RDTSC time measurementsShow sources
      Source: C:\Users\user\Desktop\RFQ.exeRDTSC instruction interceptor: First address: 0000000002164E4D second address: 0000000002164E4D instructions: 0x00000000 rdtsc 0x00000002 mov eax, 00000001h 0x00000007 cpuid 0x00000009 popad 0x0000000a call 00007F4EB0B7A468h 0x0000000f lfence 0x00000012 mov edx, dword ptr [7FFE0014h] 0x00000018 lfence 0x0000001b ret 0x0000001c sub edx, esi 0x0000001e ret 0x0000001f cmp bl, al 0x00000021 push ss 0x00000022 pop ss 0x00000023 jmp 00007F4EB0B7A482h 0x00000025 pop ecx 0x00000026 cmp bh, dh 0x00000028 push edx 0x00000029 mov edx, A6D2239Bh 0x0000002e cmp edx, A6D2239Bh 0x00000034 jne 00007F4EB0B75A7Ch 0x0000003a pop edx 0x0000003b add edi, edx 0x0000003d cmp ah, bh 0x0000003f dec ecx 0x00000040 nop 0x00000041 cmp ecx, 00000000h 0x00000044 jne 00007F4EB0B7A40Eh 0x00000046 cmp bh, dh 0x00000048 push ecx 0x00000049 test cx, F1AEh 0x0000004e call 00007F4EB0B7A4BAh 0x00000053 call 00007F4EB0B7A47Ah 0x00000058 lfence 0x0000005b mov edx, dword ptr [7FFE0014h] 0x00000061 lfence 0x00000064 ret 0x00000065 mov esi, edx 0x00000067 pushad 0x00000068 rdtsc
      Source: C:\Users\user\Desktop\RFQ.exeCode function: 0_2_02161152 rdtsc 0_2_02161152
      Source: RFQ.exe, 00000000.00000002.1545054091.0000000002160000.00000040.00000001.sdmpBinary or memory string: C:\Program Files\Qemu-ga\qemu-ga.exe9
      Source: RFQ.exeBinary or memory string: C:\Program Files\Qemu-ga\qemu-ga.exe
      Source: C:\Users\user\Desktop\RFQ.exeCode function: 0_2_02161152 rdtsc 0_2_02161152
      Source: C:\Users\user\Desktop\RFQ.exeCode function: 0_2_0216532B mov eax, dword ptr fs:[00000030h]0_2_0216532B
      Source: C:\Users\user\Desktop\RFQ.exeCode function: 0_2_021653CF mov eax, dword ptr fs:[00000030h]0_2_021653CF
      Source: C:\Users\user\Desktop\RFQ.exeCode function: 0_2_021646A3 mov eax, dword ptr fs:[00000030h]0_2_021646A3
      Source: C:\Users\user\Desktop\RFQ.exeCode function: 0_2_0216152D mov eax, dword ptr fs:[00000030h]0_2_0216152D
      Source: C:\Users\user\Desktop\RFQ.exeCode function: 0_2_02161AFF mov eax, dword ptr fs:[00000030h]0_2_02161AFF
      Source: C:\Users\user\Desktop\RFQ.exeCode function: 0_2_02164AED mov eax, dword ptr fs:[00000030h]0_2_02164AED
      Source: C:\Users\user\Desktop\RFQ.exeCode function: 0_2_02161BB7 mov eax, dword ptr fs:[00000030h]0_2_02161BB7
      Source: C:\Users\user\Desktop\RFQ.exeCode function: 0_2_021628E0 mov eax, dword ptr fs:[00000030h]0_2_021628E0
      Source: C:\Users\user\Desktop\RFQ.exeCode function: 0_2_02161DB1 mov eax, dword ptr fs:[00000030h]0_2_02161DB1
      Source: RFQ.exe, 00000000.00000002.1544158070.0000000000CB0000.00000002.00000001.sdmpBinary or memory string: Shell_TrayWnd
      Source: RFQ.exe, 00000000.00000002.1544158070.0000000000CB0000.00000002.00000001.sdmpBinary or memory string: Progman
      Source: RFQ.exe, 00000000.00000002.1544158070.0000000000CB0000.00000002.00000001.sdmpBinary or memory string: Progmanlock
      Source: RFQ.exe, 00000000.00000002.1544158070.0000000000CB0000.00000002.00000001.sdmpBinary or memory string: Program Manager@

      Mitre Att&ck Matrix

      Initial AccessExecutionPersistencePrivilege EscalationDefense EvasionCredential AccessDiscoveryLateral MovementCollectionExfiltrationCommand and ControlNetwork EffectsRemote Service EffectsImpact
      Valid AccountsWindows Management InstrumentationPath InterceptionProcess Injection1Process Injection1OS Credential DumpingSecurity Software Discovery111Remote ServicesData from Local SystemExfiltration Over Other Network MediumData ObfuscationEavesdrop on Insecure Network CommunicationRemotely Track Device Without AuthorizationModify System Partition
      Default AccountsScheduled Task/JobBoot or Logon Initialization ScriptsBoot or Logon Initialization ScriptsObfuscated Files or Information1LSASS MemoryProcess Discovery1Remote Desktop ProtocolData from Removable MediaExfiltration Over BluetoothJunk DataExploit SS7 to Redirect Phone Calls/SMSRemotely Wipe Data Without AuthorizationDevice Lockout
      Domain AccountsAt (Linux)Logon Script (Windows)Logon Script (Windows)Obfuscated Files or InformationSecurity Account ManagerSystem Information Discovery11SMB/Windows Admin SharesData from Network Shared DriveAutomated ExfiltrationSteganographyExploit SS7 to Track Device LocationObtain Device Cloud BackupsDelete Device Data

      Behavior Graph

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