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Windows Analysis Report


General Information

Sample Name:VBY5zBdZox (renamed file extension from none to exe)
Analysis ID:651254


Range:0 - 100


Yara detected RedLine Stealer
Multi AV Scanner detection for submitted file
Malicious sample detected (through community Yara rule)
Detected unpacking (overwrites its own PE header)
Detected unpacking (changes PE section rights)
Snort IDS alert for network traffic
Tries to steal Crypto Currency Wallets
Connects to many ports of the same IP (likely port scanning)
Machine Learning detection for sample
Yara detected Generic Downloader
Queries sensitive video device information (via WMI, Win32_VideoController, often done to detect virtual machines)
Queries sensitive disk information (via WMI, Win32_DiskDrive, often done to detect virtual machines)
Found many strings related to Crypto-Wallets (likely being stolen)
Tries to harvest and steal browser information (history, passwords, etc)
Uses 32bit PE files
Queries the volume information (name, serial number etc) of a device
Yara signature match
Contains functionality to check if a debugger is running (IsDebuggerPresent)
Contains functionality to query locales information (e.g. system language)
May sleep (evasive loops) to hinder dynamic analysis
Checks if Antivirus/Antispyware/Firewall program is installed (via WMI)
Uses code obfuscation techniques (call, push, ret)
PE file contains sections with non-standard names
Internet Provider seen in connection with other malware
Detected potential crypto function
Found potential string decryption / allocating functions
Contains functionality to check the parent process ID (often done to detect debuggers and analysis systems)
Found evasive API chain (may stop execution after checking a module file name)
Yara detected Credential Stealer
Contains functionality to dynamically determine API calls
Contains functionality which may be used to detect a debugger (GetProcessHeap)
IP address seen in connection with other malware
Contains long sleeps (>= 3 min)
Enables debug privileges
Is looking for software installed on the system
Found a high number of Window / User specific system calls (may be a loop to detect user behavior)
AV process strings found (often used to terminate AV products)
Sample file is different than original file name gathered from version info
PE file contains strange resources
Contains functionality to read the PEB
Detected TCP or UDP traffic on non-standard ports
Queries sensitive processor information (via WMI, Win32_Processor, often done to detect virtual machines)


  • System is w10x64
  • VBY5zBdZox.exe (PID: 3176 cmdline: "C:\Users\user\Desktop\VBY5zBdZox.exe" MD5: ACC0FB4CB35DF2D49FC609F2E299ED5E)
  • cleanup
{"C2 url": [""], "Bot Id": "RUZKI", "Authorization Header": "121027c094f768a0a0e9b562f6417952"}
dump.pcapJoeSecurity_RedLineYara detected RedLine StealerJoe Security
    00000000.00000002.314646008.0000000005150000.00000004.08000000.00040000.00000000.sdmpJoeSecurity_RedLineYara detected RedLine StealerJoe Security
      00000000.00000002.314646008.0000000005150000.00000004.08000000.00040000.00000000.sdmpJoeSecurity_GenericDownloader_1Yara detected Generic DownloaderJoe Security
        00000000.00000002.314646008.0000000005150000.00000004.08000000.00040000.00000000.sdmpMALWARE_Win_RedLineDetects RedLine infostealerditekSHen
        • 0x27856:$pat14: , CommandLine:
        • 0x1c01a:$v2_1: ListOfProcesses
        • 0x1b7bd:$v4_3: base64str
        • 0x1b78a:$v4_4: stringKey
        • 0x1b7c7:$v4_5: BytesToStringConverted
        • 0x1b7b2:$v4_6: FromBase64
        • 0x1bcd5:$v4_8: procName
        • 0x1991d:$v5_7: RecordHeaderField
        • 0x19859:$v5_9: BCRYPT_KEY_LENGTHS_STRUCT
        00000000.00000002.305431311.0000000002950000.00000004.08000000.00040000.00000000.sdmpJoeSecurity_RedLineYara detected RedLine StealerJoe Security
          00000000.00000002.305431311.0000000002950000.00000004.08000000.00040000.00000000.sdmpJoeSecurity_GenericDownloader_1Yara detected Generic DownloaderJoe Security
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            0.3.VBY5zBdZox.exe.27d0000.0.raw.unpackJoeSecurity_RedLineYara detected RedLine StealerJoe Security
              0.3.VBY5zBdZox.exe.27d0000.0.raw.unpackMALWARE_Win_RedLineDetects RedLine infostealerditekSHen
              • 0x1d0b0:$s1: 23 00 2B 00 33 00 3B 00 43 00 53 00 63 00 73 00
              • 0x80:$s2: 68 10 84 2D 2C 71 EA 7E 2C 71 EA 7E 2C 71 EA 7E 32 23 7F 7E 3F 71 EA 7E 0B B7 91 7E 2B 71 EA 7E 2C 71 EB 7E 5C 71 EA 7E 32 23 6E 7E 1C 71 EA 7E 32 23 69 7E A2 71 EA 7E 32 23 7B 7E 2D 71 EA 7E
              • 0x700:$s3: 83 EC 38 53 B0 87 88 44 24 2B 88 44 24 2F B0 AB 88 44 24 30 88 44 24 31 88 44 24 33 55 56 8B F1 B8 0C 00 FE FF 2B C6 89 44 24 14 B8 0D 00 FE FF 2B C6 89 44 24 1C B8 02 00 FE FF 2B C6 89 44 24 ...
              • 0x1ed8a:$s4: B|BxBtBpBlBhBdB`B\BXBTBPBLBHBDB@B<B8B4B0B,B(B$B B
              • 0x1e9d0:$s5: delete[]
              • 0x1de88:$s6: constructor or from DllMain.
              0.2.VBY5zBdZox.exe.2950ee8.2.unpackJoeSecurity_RedLineYara detected RedLine StealerJoe Security
                0.2.VBY5zBdZox.exe.2950ee8.2.unpackMALWARE_Win_RedLineDetects RedLine infostealerditekSHen
                • 0x25a56:$pat14: , CommandLine:
                • 0x1a21a:$v2_1: ListOfProcesses
                • 0x199bd:$v4_3: base64str
                • 0x1998a:$v4_4: stringKey
                • 0x199c7:$v4_5: BytesToStringConverted
                • 0x199b2:$v4_6: FromBase64
                • 0x19ed5:$v4_8: procName
                • 0x17b1d:$v5_7: RecordHeaderField
                • 0x17a59:$v5_9: BCRYPT_KEY_LENGTHS_STRUCT
                0.2.VBY5zBdZox.exe.2a63a26.5.unpackJoeSecurity_RedLineYara detected RedLine StealerJoe Security
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                  No Sigma rule has matched
                  Timestamp: 06/23/22-17:51:27.182664
                  Source Port:49758
                  Destination Port:23196
                  Classtype:A Network Trojan was detected
                  Timestamp: 06/23/22-17:51:29.952462
                  Source Port:49758
                  Destination Port:23196
                  Classtype:A Network Trojan was detected
                  Timestamp: 06/23/22-17:51:28.242070
                  Source Port:23196
                  Destination Port:49758
                  Classtype:A Network Trojan was detected

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                  AV Detection

                  Source: VBY5zBdZox.exeVirustotal: Detection: 34%Perma Link
                  Source: VBY5zBdZox.exeJoe Sandbox ML: detected
                  Source: 0.2.VBY5zBdZox.exe.5150000.6.raw.unpackMalware Configuration Extractor: RedLine {"C2 url": [""], "Bot Id": "RUZKI", "Authorization Header": "121027c094f768a0a0e9b562f6417952"}