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Windows Analysis Report


General Information

Sample Name:PO0000001552.xls
Analysis ID:745091


Range:0 - 100


Multi AV Scanner detection for submitted file
Document exploit detected (drops PE files)
Malicious sample detected (through community Yara rule)
Yara detected Emotet
System process connects to network (likely due to code injection or exploit)
Document exploit detected (creates forbidden files)
Antivirus detection for URL or domain
Multi AV Scanner detection for domain / URL
Snort IDS alert for network traffic
Creates an autostart registry key pointing to binary in C:\Windows
Creates multiple autostart registry keys
Office process drops PE file
C2 URLs / IPs found in malware configuration
Drops PE files to the user root directory
Hides that the sample has been downloaded from the Internet (zone.identifier)
Document exploit detected (process start blacklist hit)
Document exploit detected (UrlDownloadToFile)
Queries the volume information (name, serial number etc) of a device
Yara signature match
Contains functionality to check if a debugger is running (IsDebuggerPresent)
Contains functionality to query locales information (e.g. system language)
May sleep (evasive loops) to hinder dynamic analysis
Uses code obfuscation techniques (call, push, ret)
Creates files inside the system directory
PE file contains sections with non-standard names
Internet Provider seen in connection with other malware
Detected potential crypto function
JA3 SSL client fingerprint seen in connection with other malware
Contains functionality to dynamically determine API calls
Found dropped PE file which has not been started or loaded
Potential document exploit detected (performs DNS queries)
HTTP GET or POST without a user agent
IP address seen in connection with other malware
Downloads executable code via HTTP
Drops files with a non-matching file extension (content does not match file extension)
Potential document exploit detected (unknown TCP traffic)
PE file contains an invalid checksum
Drops PE files
Tries to load missing DLLs
Uses a known web browser user agent for HTTP communication
Drops PE files to the windows directory (C:\Windows)
Detected TCP or UDP traffic on non-standard ports
Connects to several IPs in different countries
Registers a DLL
Drops PE files to the user directory
Found large amount of non-executed APIs
Potential document exploit detected (performs HTTP gets)