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Windows Analysis Report


General Information

Sample Name:file.exe
Analysis ID:753427


Range:0 - 100


Yara detected UAC Bypass using CMSTP
Benign windows process drops PE files
Malicious sample detected (through community Yara rule)
Detected unpacking (overwrites its own PE header)
Yara detected SmokeLoader
System process connects to network (likely due to code injection or exploit)
Detected unpacking (changes PE section rights)
Antivirus detection for URL or domain
Multi AV Scanner detection for domain / URL
Multi AV Scanner detection for dropped file
Maps a DLL or memory area into another process
Machine Learning detection for sample
Checks for kernel code integrity (NtQuerySystemInformation(CodeIntegrityInformation))
Deletes itself after installation
Machine Learning detection for dropped file
C2 URLs / IPs found in malware configuration
Creates a thread in another existing process (thread injection)
Hides that the sample has been downloaded from the Internet (zone.identifier)
Checks if the current machine is a virtual machine (disk enumeration)
Uses 32bit PE files
Yara signature match
Antivirus or Machine Learning detection for unpacked file
May sleep (evasive loops) to hinder dynamic analysis
Uses code obfuscation techniques (call, push, ret)
Detected potential crypto function
Sample execution stops while process was sleeping (likely an evasion)
JA3 SSL client fingerprint seen in connection with other malware
Contains functionality to call native functions
PE file contains executable resources (Code or Archives)
IP address seen in connection with other malware
Downloads executable code via HTTP
Contains long sleeps (>= 3 min)
Creates a DirectInput object (often for capturing keystrokes)
Found a high number of Window / User specific system calls (may be a loop to detect user behavior)
Drops files with a non-matching file extension (content does not match file extension)
Drops PE files
Tries to load missing DLLs
Contains functionality to read the PEB
Uses a known web browser user agent for HTTP communication
Checks if the current process is being debugged
Monitors certain registry keys / values for changes (often done to protect autostart functionality)
Dropped file seen in connection with other malware
Queries disk information (often used to detect virtual machines)
Found large amount of non-executed APIs
Uses Microsoft's Enhanced Cryptographic Provider


  • System is w10x64
  • file.exe (PID: 5020 cmdline: C:\Users\user\Desktop\file.exe MD5: 44C87D3BC316EEFE4DCBF66AFED72ABC)
    • explorer.exe (PID: 3528 cmdline: C:\Windows\Explorer.EXE MD5: AD5296B280E8F522A8A897C96BAB0E1D)
      • B87E.exe (PID: 3316 cmdline: C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Temp\B87E.exe MD5: 1BD9FB4ADE498938E6432D6C5D1E23A5)
        • rundll32.exe (PID: 2980 cmdline: "C:\Windows\system32\rundll32.exe" "C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Temp\Tdryuqayh.tmp",Worhdhqfpryr MD5: D7CA562B0DB4F4DD0F03A89A1FDAD63D)
      • EBC4.exe (PID: 4608 cmdline: C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Temp\EBC4.exe MD5: F06F222962C48BB7D822AC0FCD14CFD2)
  • gfgsrbs (PID: 5000 cmdline: C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\gfgsrbs MD5: 44C87D3BC316EEFE4DCBF66AFED72ABC)
  • EBC4.exe (PID: 2760 cmdline: "C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Temp\EBC4.exe" MD5: F06F222962C48BB7D822AC0FCD14CFD2)
  • cleanup
{"C2 list": ["http://cracker.biz/tmp/", "http://piratia-life.ru/tmp/", "http://piratia.su/tmp/"]}
00000001.00000000.373140844.0000000004631000.00000020.80000000.00040000.00000000.sdmpJoeSecurity_SmokeLoader_2Yara detected SmokeLoaderJoe Security
    • 0x344:$a: 5B 81 EB 34 10 00 00 6A 30 58 64 8B 00 8B 40 0C 8B 40 1C 8B 40 08 89 85 C0
    00000004.00000002.439850866.00000000007B0000.00000004.00000800.00020000.00000000.sdmpJoeSecurity_SmokeLoader_2Yara detected SmokeLoaderJoe Security
      • 0x744:$a: 5B 81 EB 34 10 00 00 6A 30 58 64 8B 00 8B 40 0C 8B 40 1C 8B 40 08 89 85 C0
      0000000C.00000002.507752658.0000000000413000.00000040.00000001.01000000.00000009.sdmpJoeSecurity_UACBypassusingCMSTPYara detected UAC Bypass using CMSTPJoe Security
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        12.2.EBC4.exe.400000.0.unpackJoeSecurity_UACBypassusingCMSTPYara detected UAC Bypass using CMSTPJoe Security
          12.2.EBC4.exe.400000.0.unpackINDICATOR_SUSPICIOUS_EXE_UACBypass_CMSTPCOMDetects Windows exceutables bypassing UAC using CMSTP COM interfaces. MITRE (T1218.003)ditekSHen
          • 0x10000:$guid1: {3E5FC7F9-9A51-4367-9063-A120244FBEC7}
          • 0x100a0:$guid1: {3E5FC7F9-9A51-4367-9063-A120244FBEC7}
          • 0x10170:$s2: Elevation:Administrator!new:
          7.2.EBC4.exe.400000.0.unpackJoeSecurity_UACBypassusingCMSTPYara detected UAC Bypass using CMSTPJoe Security
            7.2.EBC4.exe.400000.0.unpackINDICATOR_SUSPICIOUS_EXE_UACBypass_CMSTPCOMDetects Windows exceutables bypassing UAC using CMSTP COM interfaces. MITRE (T1218.003)ditekSHen
            • 0x10000:$guid1: {3E5FC7F9-9A51-4367-9063-A120244FBEC7}
            • 0x100a0:$guid1: {3E5FC7F9-9A51-4367-9063-A120244FBEC7}
            • 0x10170:$s2: Elevation:Administrator!new:
            No Sigma rule has matched
            No Snort rule has matched

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            AV Detection

            Source: http://piratia.su/tmp/URL Reputation: Label: malware
            Source: http://piratia.su/tmp/URL Reputation: Label: malware
            Source: freeshmex.atVirustotal: Detection: 18%Perma Link
            Source: C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Temp\Tdryuqayh.tmpReversingLabs: Detection: 24%
            Source: C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Temp\Tdryuqayh.tmpVirustotal: Detection: 35%Perma Link
            Source: file.exeJoe Sandbox ML: detected
            Source: C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\gfgsrbsJoe Sandbox ML: detected
            Source: C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Temp\EBC4.exeJoe Sandbox ML: detected
            Source: C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Temp\B87E.exeJoe Sandbox ML: detected
            Source: 12.2.EBC4.exe.2d5112c.2.unpackAvira: Label: TR/Patched.Ren.Gen7
            Source: 5.2.B87E.exe.400000.0.unpackAvira: Label: TR/Crypt.ZPACK.Gen2
            Source: 00000001.00000000.373140844.0000000004631000.00000020.80000000.00040000.00000000.sdmpMalware Configuration Extractor: SmokeLoader {"C2 list": ["http://cracker.biz/tmp/", "http://piratia-life.ru/tmp/", "http://piratia.su/tmp/"]}