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Windows Analysis Report


General Information

Sample Name:E-DEKONT.exe
Analysis ID:755881


Azorult, GuLoader
Range:0 - 100


Yara detected Azorult
Multi AV Scanner detection for submitted file
Malicious sample detected (through community Yara rule)
Yara detected GuLoader
Snort IDS alert for network traffic
Tries to steal Mail credentials (via file / registry access)
Tries to steal Crypto Currency Wallets
Tries to harvest and steal Putty / WinSCP information (sessions, passwords, etc)
Tries to detect Any.run
Self deletion via cmd or bat file
Tries to harvest and steal ftp login credentials
Tries to harvest and steal Bitcoin Wallet information
Found many strings related to Crypto-Wallets (likely being stolen)
Tries to steal Instant Messenger accounts or passwords
Tries to harvest and steal browser information (history, passwords, etc)
Uses 32bit PE files
Queries the volume information (name, serial number etc) of a device
Yara signature match
Contains functionality to shutdown / reboot the system
Uses code obfuscation techniques (call, push, ret)
PE file contains sections with non-standard names
Internet Provider seen in connection with other malware
Detected potential crypto function
Sample execution stops while process was sleeping (likely an evasion)
Stores files to the Windows start menu directory
Yara detected Credential Stealer
JA3 SSL client fingerprint seen in connection with other malware
Contains functionality to call native functions
Contains functionality to dynamically determine API calls
Found dropped PE file which has not been started or loaded
Contains functionality for execution timing, often used to detect debuggers
Queries information about the installed CPU (vendor, model number etc)
PE file does not import any functions
Sample file is different than original file name gathered from version info
Drops PE files
Tries to load missing DLLs
Contains functionality to read the PEB
Uses a known web browser user agent for HTTP communication
Checks if the current process is being debugged
Binary contains a suspicious time stamp
Contains functionality to enumerate device drivers
Creates a process in suspended mode (likely to inject code)
Contains functionality to access loader functionality (e.g. LdrGetProcedureAddress)
Contains functionality for read data from the clipboard